Our office is a family business since 1960 from father to son. Our experience and punctuality toward our customer, have established in the market the renting, construction and main thence of the building, putting us to the top going over our competitors. Our office's business is expanding also outside Koroni with our office to Xranous.Our experience and service have as a main purpose the direct satisfaction of your demand , guarantee in the right investment of your money.

Koroni has approximately 1500 people. Around Koroni there are 9 more villages that belong to the municipality of Koroni. The municipality has altogether 6000 people. Under the Venetian castle was built in 345 bc is Koroni. Koroni is a traditional village near the seashore very picturesque with a beautiful harbor harrow streets that remind you an island on the Aegean coast.On the road by the seashore the visitor will see taverns, restaurants which serve fresh fish and sea food.In the square you can find super market, trditional coffe shops, banks, dragstores, dentist, doctor and the bus station. Many more shops are in Kalamata which is the capital of Messinia and is 50 km from Koroni and has 60.000 people. To get to Kalamata is an hour by car. Kalamata has a new built concurrent hospital, an airport which is in service all year around. Bus from Kalamata to Athens is 3 - 3 ½ hours. The people of Koroni are mostly farmers and fishermen and keep busy with the tourism. November and December we collect the olives and pick up the grapes in August. Olive oil and wine are the two main products of Koroni. The climate of Koroni is mild, the winter lasts only for two months December and January. Temperature never goes down 10 C during the day and 6-7 C during the night. At the summer the temperature reach 25 - 35 C. The summer starts in may tile September.


  1. Plots outside the city's limits. Should be 4.000 sm for a house to be constructed.
  2. Within city limits a house can be built no matter how big it` s area is.



  1. First of all we assist you at the designing of your home according to your desires and needs. You choose the ideal for your house from many pictures that you are shown.
  2. After you have chosen the ideal for you home with the operation of engineers and decorators we draw the design of your house, your garden e.t.c.
  3. While the construction is in progress within short period of time we will sent often pictures in order to keep you posted for the progress of the construction.
  4. After your house has been completed we can scheduall a visit for you to see it and give you the key.
  5. Finally after the completion of the construction of your home we undertake all kinds of works a house needs such as the care of the garden ,cleaning and maintenance of the house .we can also pay the bills telephone, bills hydro etc.


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